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  Frequently Asked Questions  

When will the wedding party take place?

The finca and hotel rooms are rented from Thursday Sep 5 until Monday Sep 9. We would be very happy to have you with us for the entire time. However, we understand that your time might be limited. In this case we ask you to attend the official part of the event which starts on Friday at 19:00 hrs and goes until Sunday early afternoon.

Where will the wedding party take place?

The wedding party will be conducted on a beautiful finca on the island of Majorca. The entire finca is exclusively rented by us which gives us total privacy.

Where can I sleep?

We have organised accommodation for all guests. Some rooms (8 double bedrooms) are located on the finca whilst others are in a nearby hotel. As soon as we have your confirmation of attendance we will let you know where we have booked you in. Both options are very neat and comfortable.

What costs do I need to calculate?

We cover costs of accommodation, beverages and food. The only thing we ask you to cover are your travel costs (flight and shuttle/taxi/rental car). We will help organising travel groups from and to the airport. Therefore, please send us your flight details.

How do I get to the venue?

We recommend taking a rental car at the airport as it is the most flexible solution. You can also pre-book a shuttle or go by taxi. Both should be around €50-€60 each way.

Please do not forget to download and print the detailed travel instructions.

Will there be a wedding ceremony?

The wedding ceremony will not happen on the finca. It will be conducted beforehand within a small family circle in Germany. The event on Majorca is solely intended for wedding celebrations. However, on Friday night we ask you to dress up for an official wedding reception.

What will the weather be like?

Weather on Majorca will be sunny (avg. 8hrs per day) and temperatures go up to 26°C. Minimum is 18°C at this time of the year. Water temperature is at 24°C. September has an average of 7 rain days.

What clothes should I take to Majorca?

Be prepared for sun and hot temperatures (up to 26°C). Take beach-style casual wear with you. The finca offers a swimming pool so you should take swim wear as well. For the evenings you should have a sweatshirt or jacket as we will spend most time outside to BBQ. Rain chance is low but you never know. Weather in Europe is currently quite unpredictable.

For Friday night we ask you to dress 'festive-beach-chic' :)

What food will be served?

We will conduct self-catering as we think this is more fun. This also means we have full flexibility according to food preferences. The only must-criteria we have is that we BBQ at least once a day :)

How about my kids?

Your kids are more than welcome and they will love the finca. It offers table tennis, private swimming pool and a large garden with good sized lawns with plenty of space for the children to play. We will also get beach games at the tourist shop. If you already have some stuff, please bring with you. As we have a few families with kids, your kids will even have company to play. However, we do not know how well the kids of the other families behave ;-)

How long can I stay?

The finca and hotel rooms are rented from Thursday Sep 5* until Monday Sep 9. We would be very happy to have you with us for the entire time. However, we understand that your time might be limited. In this case we ask you to attend the official part of the event which starts on Friday at 19:00 hrs and goes until Sunday early afternoon.

* Desiree and Joerg will already be at the finca from Wednesday afternoon for preparation purposes. This means you can arrive on Thursday at any time as we will already be there.

What wedding gift should I buy?

Being able to share our special day with you is gift enough. For those of you who would like to get us something, a cash gift would be the most convenient and appreciated contribution.

What should I bring to Majorca?

Besides yourself and good mood you can bring beach games (e.g. badminton rackets) and music. For the later, we are not sure what music system they have. Best is either CDs or iPod with cable to connect to a hifi stereo amplifier.

What currency is used on Majorca?

Majorca officially belongs to Spain/Europe even though half of Germany hangs around there in summer. This means they use Euros. You can change currency at the airport. Don't expect Spanish village shops to accept credit cards.

How is Majorca?

Majorca or Mallorca is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago. Like the other Balearic Islands of Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, the island is an extremely popular holiday destination, particularly for tourists from Germany, Ireland, Poland, the Scandinavian countries, and the United Kingdom. Majorca has a modern infrastructure: including an excellent public transport network, extensive mobile and fixed telephone network; running water and electricity in all towns and villages; high speed internet access; and excellent travel connections to the rest of Europe and mainland Spain, by air and by sea.

Is there a dress-code?

There is no dress code apart of Friday night where we ask you to dress 'festive-beach-chic' :)

Can I drink alcohol?

Did you just really ask this question? Yes, you can! We strongly encourage all wedding guests to drink alcohol.

When and where will you guys get married (at the registry office/standesamtlich)?

We will get married on Sep 3 in a small family circle in the town we met each other.

What language do they speak in Majorca?

German. Some might also speak Spanish and English :)

What are the itinaries of other guests?

Please send us your flight details so we can assist with your travel plans to/from the finca.

What is the guest list like?

Please see website section 'event' to view the guest list. The guest list is made up of hand-picked, lovely, crazy, awesome and amazing people. Our friends.

How do guests staying at the hotel commute to the finca?

A few people will have rental cars which will make it easy to organise commutes between the finca and the hotel. At night we will call a 24hrs taxi service which is available in the nearby village of Campos.

Is it expensive in Majorca?

Prices are comparable to Germany and UK (outside London).

Is there a health care system on Majorca?

Majorca is a first-world destination with excellent healthcare facilities. There are pharmacies in towns and resorts all over the island and the busier places have ones that are open 24 hours. While attendants will invariably speak English, having the generic name of any medication you may be on is a good idea in case they don't do your brand. The main hospital in Majorca is in Palma and visitors from the EU can receive free emergency medical care. However, when travelling outside of your country you should also have a proper travel insurance.

How do I get to see the wedding and party pictures?

Please bring your cameras and contribute to the wedding and party pictures. After the event, we will provide a password-protected download option on the website. We will not publish any photos on this website.

Why have you chosen Majorca as location?

Our first and immediate idea was to celebrate outside of Berlin somewhere at a lake. But then we soon realised that most people have to fly to Berlin, get a rental car to drive to the location and also get a hotel far off the wedding location. In addition, September weather in Germany can be anything from beatiful to horrible. So, we decided to select a location which is easily reachable across Europe, which offers great accommodation for everyone, which is special, and which provides a weather-secure situation. This is how we came up with Majorca.

Why are you not getting married in Majorca?

As a German you cannot get officially married at the registry office in Spain. The only option left would be to marry at the registry office in Germany and then do a (show-)wedding ceremony in Spain. We decided against such a thing.

But how about a church wedding ... hello? We thought you know us. We start to burn if we enter a church.

Will there be any special activities?

We are not planning any special activities as we think it would be more fun to stay on the finca. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

Are we close to the beach?

It is about 15km to the beach.